Our Mission

Founded in 2007, Educate Lanka Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.

Our mission is to empower economically disadvantaged children and youth by enhancing their access to education, mentoring, and employment opportunities. Our students are driven leaders who are committed to personal and professional advancement while creating positive changes in their communities. With our long-term micro-scholarship funding and targeted guidance, these young leaders empower themselves to make their aspirations a reality. In return, this network of motivated leaders with positive attitudes and a sense of accountability, give back and contribute to Educate Lanka and their own communities through financial and voluntary means. We serve all communities, regardless of their ethnicity, cast, or religion.

Our unique model contains three (3) major interventions:

1). Online Micro-Scholarship Model: We have developed a unique, self-sustaining online peer-to-peer funding and feedback platform that connects micro-philanthropists from around the world with our students to invest in their education through long-term micro-scholarships. These $10-$25 monthly scholarships cover students’ educational expenses such as school supplies, uniforms, transportation, boarding, and private tutoring. Through our extensive student feedback and monitoring mechanism, we engage these funders for the full term of the students’ education, ranging from secondary to completion of higher education.

2). Mentoring & Targeted Guidance: Through our on the ground liaison officers, local partners, and employees in the corporate sector, we provide students with targeted mentoring and guidance throughout their academic lifecycle. We also engage our alumni and students pursuing higher education as mentors giving them an opportunity to give back.

3). Skills & Employment Connections: Through various levels of corporate and employer partnerships, together with an innovative content creation and disbursement platform, we provide our students with access to content relating to employer specific workforce skills and connections to targeted employment opportunities to strengthen their employability.


Did you know?

100%Percentage of your Sponsorship received by the Student

0 The total number of Years of Education funded
$75,000 (Rs. 8 million) Our current annual Scholarship Commitment

The amount disbursed as Scholarships since inception

450The number of current Students in our Portfolio

The number of current Students with Sponsors in our Portfolio
65The number of current Volunteers

$12.60 (Rs.1,400) The current average monthly Student Scholarship Amount

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